December 20, 2017

Mark Cornwell - 1957-2017

We are deeply saddened to report the passing of our friend and business partner, Mark Cornwell of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Mark passed away at his home on Monday, September 11, 2017.

1957 - 2017

Mark was a long time associate of the grain and milling industries, having spent many years with World Grain helping build a leading industry magazine, and then going on to partner with Perendale Publishers Limited in 2014 to work on the oldest publication in the milling sector Milling and Grain along with his wife and business partner Martha.
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September 25, 2017

26/09/2017: Ground-breaking for Bühler Innovation Campus

Bühler celebrated the ground breaking for its Innovation Campus in Uzwil, Switzerland

Completion of the building is expected for the first quarter of 2019. This significant investment of over CHF 50 million, spent over three years, demonstrates Bühler’s commitment to innovation and technology, and to the workplace Switzerland.

“This innovation campus will reinforce our innovation power and market leadership. It will help us bring together the smartest minds of the industry to create innovations for a better world”, said Stefan Scheiber, CEO of Bühler, at the ground-breaking.
From left to right: Elvis Pidic (Bühler Architect), Johannes Wick (CEO Grains & Food), Carlos Martinez (Architect), Stefan Scheiber (Group CEO), Ian Roberts (CTO), Samuel Schär (CEO Advanced Materials), Andreas Herzog (CFO), Burkhard Böndel (Head of Corporate Communications).
Image credit: Bühler

The innovation campus consists of two key elements: the upgraded technology labs and the new innovation building. The new building will build a bridge between the engineering and business world in the existing towers and the upgraded application labs.

On three levels, the modern building will be the home for project teams of employees, clients, start-ups, students, and apprentices. It will feature an auditorium for up to 300 participants for large events.

Collaboration and a “maker space”, a media centre and a co-working floor with open and secured spaces for over 100 people will also be part of the building.

Bühler’s apprentices benefit from a dedicated apprentice center featuring several training rooms. Reflecting Bühler’s strong focus on the food processing industry, open living spaces with a central coffee bar, a tea lounge and adjacent thinking spaces complete the building, making it a state-of-the-art workplace.

“This building is focused on collaborative innovation,” says Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer at Bühler.

“We are creating a collaborative space for all functions, all ages, and all knowledge holders. It will allow us to live and foster our innovation culture and test future work practices.”

The new building will bring together Bühler’s network of partners, be they customers, start-ups, academics, apprentices, or suppliers, and create a link to the technology labs.

Bühler’s existing technology labs, such as the Bakery Innovation Centre, have been upgraded or will be during the building process, and are an integral part of the new campus, as they are closely interlinked with the new building.

“This is a unique setting, which I have not seen anywhere else”, says CTO Roberts.

“We are creating a space that brings together visionaries and long-term thinkers of the start-up scene and universities with engineering teams that hold Bühler’s long-standing applied and tested know-how in processing technology. By combining both, we can truly create innovations for a better world.”

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of Bühler’s strategy and business success. Every year, the company invests 4 to 5 percent of its turnover into research and development.

Internal and external innovation challenges foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. This commitment to innovation allows the company to significantly contribute to the world’s most pressing issues.

Bühler continues to innovate with new solutions, such as smart roller mills that use the power of IoT, new solutions for insect processing, which is a key answer to the world’s looming protein gap, or the innovative battery slurry that will contribute to the future of mobility.

None of them would have been possible without open innovation and cooperation with Bühler’s extensive network of partners.

“It is a privilege for everyone at Bühler to work on such enormous challenges and make a difference,” says Stefan Scheiber.

“This building will help create the space where we can bring together key players in the industry to develop innovations for a better world.” 

Visit the Bühler Group website, HERE.

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26/09/2017: Gold sponsor Nutriad hosted technical session at MYCOKEY

Belgium headquartered feed additives specialist Nutriad was a proud sponsor of the 1st MycoKey International Conference that took place in September in Ghent (Belgium)

MycoKey aims to deliver the first integrated ICT tool to address mycotoxin contamination along the food and feed chain.
Dr Olga Averkieva
Image credit: Nutriad

Partners in the project seek enable real-time information and suggestions for mycotoxin management.

As the conference provided room for sharing relevant research data, Nutriad hosted a technical session at the conference.

The negative impact of moulds and mycotoxins on animal production is an ever-increasing concern.

The challenges in mycotoxin and toxigenic mould research are still enormous due to the frequency, the complexity and variability in occurrence.

As one of the industry leaders in providing practical solutions for mycotoxin risk control, Nutriad’s team of nutritionists, biochemists and veterinarians combines a hand on approach with in depth research.

Many research projects are conducted in close cooperation with leading universities around the world.

At the MycoKey conference Olga Averkieva, Business Development Manager Nutriad, presented Nutriad promising results that were obtained by researchers from the University of Missouri, Columbia (USA) on the effect of TOXY-NIL® and UNIKE® Plus on the reduction of aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) levels in milk of lactating dairy cows fed aflatoxin B1 (AFB1).

Dr Averkieva stated, “Results indicate that inclusion of TOXY-NIL® and UNIKE® Plus significantly reduced AFM1 in milk of cows consuming TMR. Another outcome was a clear indication that both TOXY-NIL® and UNIKE® Plus reduced absorption of AFB1.”

Visit the Nutriad website, HERE.

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26/09/2017: Anpario appoints Corporate Development Director, Dr Helen Houghton MRCVS

Anpario are pleased to announce the appointment of Helen Houghton as Corporate Development Director

Helen will report to Andrew Jackson, Group Commercial Director, and will be based from their  Cranfield office near Milton Keynes. Alongside Andrew Jackson, she will assist in the development of strategic new sales channels and specific sales related projects globally. 

Helen Houghton
Image credit: Anpario
 Helen will also assume responsibility as the line manager for Marketing and the Global Pricing Strategy Team. Helen is joining Anpario from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, formerly Merial Animal Health Ltd where she was Head of Avian for all European markets, and Russia.

Helen joined Merial in 2005, and she was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2010 where she studied disease prevention in the chicken embryo and young chick, which involved travelling to USA, Netherlands, China and India.

Helen has an impressive educational background. She studied Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition of Farm Animals at the University of Reading and went on to achieve her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College.

She joined Towcester Veterinary Centre and enjoyed three years working in mixed practice. Helen joined Hoechst Roussel Vet (later to become Intervet) as Veterinary Technical Manager for all species and was the Named Veterinary Surgeon responsible for all animals at the Milton Keynes site, which were involved in research & development and quality control.

Later, Helen became a Project Manager in R&D and Veterinary Advisor for all avian, swine, equine, bovine and ovine vaccine projects and in 2004, was awarded the RCVS Certificate for Laboratory Animal Science.

Andrew Jackson, Group Commercial Director said “I am delighted that Helen is joining the Anpario team and excited for the development of Anpario over the next few years. Helen has a remarkable wealth of experience and she will bring instrumental support to myself and guidance to the rest of the Anpario team, which will help strengthen and develop Anpario as a global brand”.

Visit the Anpario website, HERE.

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26/09/2017: ASEAN: 50 years of progress and what’s ahead

by Raghavan 'Ragha' Sampathkumar

ASEAN, the group of South East Asian countries is celebrating 50th anniversary this year

Since its inception, it has been a loosely held block but kept in shape by the leading countries including Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Much progress has been done in terms of poverty reduction and reduction in population affected by malnutrition in the last few decades as the region’s food security has been the primary focus of the leaders who founded the group.

The group stands as the sixth largest economy in the world with a combined GDP of US$2.4 trillion in 2015. With impressive economic growth prior to the economic crisis in 1997-98, the region has grown to become an important market for high value food products.

Although the financial crisis had temporarily dented the growth, the region got back on its feet quickly and now is looking forward to lead the next wave of global economic growth. It is also ranked fourth in global trade (US$2.3 trillion in 2015) and intra-regional trade in goods stood at close to one fourth of the total.

It was ranked as the fourth top destination for FDI (US$121 billion in 2015) globally. It is also a lucrative destination for several industries particularly for the world’s grain industry as the region is a net importer of grains.

As close to half of its population is now living in the cities, their food habits are fast changing and perhaps are converging with the western diets. What’s more? The region is one of the youngest in the world as more than half of its population is under 30.

Over 630 million people call it their home and start demanding more meat in their diets, which is driving the demand for feed grains. While most of its grain imports come from outside the region, opportunities for the global grains industry is abound as consumers expect quality and innovative offerings.

Rising popularity of out-of-home food consumption options particularly Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) is a reflection of the potential this region has. The region is also home to several food companies that have quietly become pioneers in some specialised sectors such as seafood and animal protein.

However, the market is not monolithic and is rather diverse in its food consumption patterns. For example, Indonesia is a big market for bovine meat and also chicken while Thailand and Vietnam consume significant amounts of pork besides seafood.

Though the region is making progress to become AEC (ASEAN Economic Community), it still remains a far cry as there are significant roadblocks to create such an integrated group.

Flow of trade, services and labour is not yet smooth as the differences exist in terms of priorities for the countries individually.

Some are focused on strengthening their food security (rather sovereignty) through domestic production while some countries have a pragmatic approach towards meeting their food and nutritional requirements.

Read the full article, HERE.

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Milltec Machinery company profile

Milltec Machinery Pvt Ltd is the leading technology provider offering end to end solution for rice milling, pulses processing, Maize (corn) milling and Roller flour milling plants. Milltec also provides grain storage and handling technology to the customers apart from colour sorting and packaging solutions.

Milltec offers customised project solutions from concept stage to production stage, keeping the costs at optimal levels and assured delivery on time. The state of the art manufacturing facility, innovative R&D team, quick deliveries and excellent after sales service have helps us become the market leader.

Visit the website HERE.

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September 24, 2017

25/09/2017: Aller Aqua inaugurates its fifth factory

On the 27th September Aller Aqua Group will inaugurate its fifth factory – Aller Aqua Zambia. An important milestone for the fish feed producer which has a strong foothold in the African market. 

“It will be a proud day when we inaugurate our fifth factory, which is also our second factory on the African continent”, Henrik Halken, Group Vice President for Aller Aqua Group, explains. 

“The growth in Egypt and the success we experience through our own sales companies in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana prove that there is a market for aquafeed of a higher quality than the customers here are used to. We have been present in Africa for a long time, and now the time was right to take the next step and establish an additional factory.”

Image credit: Aller Aqua
 The Zambian factory is a USD 10 million investment, with a capacity of 50,000 tons per annum. It is established as a joint venture with Oakfield Holdings Limited. Further, Aller Aqua has an off-take agreement with Yalelo Limited, which is one of the world’s largest producers of tilapia.

Yalelo plans growth of 50 percent per annum according to Bryan McCoy, CEO of Yalelo Limited.

The agreement secures Aller Aqua’s foothold in the market and creates a strong base for export to neighboring countries.

The company’s success in the markets boils down to having the right partners.

Niels Lundgaard, Commercial Director – Africa for the Aller Aqua Group explains, “It is crucial to find the right people for collaboration in any market. We have found these people, and this has given us the best possible starting point in the market. Locally, we have some very strong teams in place. The key is local knowledge, industry specific experience and a drive to take the projects further.”

The African market is predicted to grow significantly within the coming years. The UN forecasts a rise in population on the African continent to 2 billion by 2050. This will increase the demand for healthy and sustainably produced foods such as fish.

Enabling the local producers of tilapia and catfish to achieve a higher yield from their fish farms plays a key role in Aller Aqua’s strategy for the African market.

At the same time, the strategy supports the UN’s sustainable development goals by reducing poverty and hunger, increasing health and creating responsible consumption and production.

Aller Aqua provides local farmers with better prerequisites for achieving growth, through education as well as fish feed of a higher quality than they have traditionally been used to. This will facilitate faster growth for the fish, and the farmer can produce a finished fish in shorter time, enabling him to earn more from his products and in turn employ more people, benefitting the area in which he is based.

With a strategy which incorporates good local management, exchange of know-how, constant care and lots of training Aller Aqua has built a solid foundation for its business in Africa.

Furthermore, the company is also very active in Europe and Asia. In October Aller Aqua will inaugurate its sixth factory this time in Qingdao in China, putting another stone to the solid foundation of Aller Aqua’s growth around the world.

“After a long period of investments, we have doubled our capacity, and now we need to focus on sales and securing and maintaining our position. We are manning up everywhere, not least at the head office in Denmark, to support the international growth. We are busy but excited about the positive development in Aller Aqua. Together with our dedicated local teams we can take advantage of this potential,” Hans Erik Bylling, CEO of Aller Aqua Group states.

Visit the Aller Aqua website, HERE.

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